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Rubber lined and hard metal for slurries. Recessed Impeller. Torque flow

Metso Minerals

Special design Froth pump with integrated tank

Rotary lobes . CIP. Sanitary. Aseptic. Gear pump. High Pressure Multi stage. Shear pumps Centrifugal pumps . Sanitary. Aseptic. WFI. High pressure in St.St


Standard and magnetic drive Chemical pumps. Horizontal and vertical. Process pumps for high flow. Grinding pump made of Wernit


Horizontal and vertical sump pump  in solid PP. PE. PVC. PVDF for chemicals. Vertical external pump


Magnetic drive in StSt. Special Alloys for High Temperatures .Centrifugal pumps for petrochemicals . Multistage. Submersible.

Klaus Union

Horizontal and vertical axial flow for evaporators and crystallizers

Flexible impeller. Oil pumps. Submersible. Diesel and gasoline transfer pumps.

Sewage. Barrel . Self priming side channel


Peristaltic Hose up to 15 atm. Self priming, suitable for slurry, chemicals and food


Turbine. Centrifugal. Peristaltic. Diaphragm. Peristaltic. Vertical Spindle

March May pumps

Progressive cavity pump for food and chemicals


Steam driven sump pump

Applied Vacuum




pumps cent 1 - [IMG]   pumps cent 2 - [IMG]   Pumps - Positive Displacement6 - [IMG] pumps pos 3 - [IMG] 
 pumps cent 4 - [IMG]    pumps pos 4 - [IMG]    pumps pos 2 - [IMG] Pumps - Positive Displacement5 - [IMG]
 Pumps - Positive Displacement4 - [IMG]    pumps cent 3 - [IMG]      




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